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Global Forum Rules [ PLEASE READ FIRST ]

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 Global Forum Rules [ PLEASE READ FIRST ]
Welcome to the Community! :smiling: To ensure a positive and respectful community experience, [justify]please review and follow these guidelines:[/justify] [justify][center][size=5][bold]... Rules Guiding The Community ...[/bold][/size] [/center][/justify]     [ul][li][color=darkblue][bold]Rules On Postings & Communication:[/bold][/color][/li][/ul] [ul][ol][li][bold]Being Respectful:[/bold] Treat fellow members with kindness and respect. Avoid personal attacks, insults, or offensive language.[/li][li][bold]Stick To Topics:[/bold] Keep discussions related to categories where'''''' they are being posted. "[color=orange]Don't forget to make use of the search to be sure that what you are about to post have not been posted by another user[/color]", also always make detailed narrations when asking questions. Off-topic posts may be removed.[/li][li][bold]Zero Spam Tolerance:[/bold] All kinds of spam such as advertisements, promotions, or irrelevant content are not allowed and may lead to bans.[/li][li][bold]Make of Use Clear Languages:[/bold] The only language acceptable in the Forum is "[color=orange]English[/color]", you can make use of professional translating machines like "[bold][color=blue]G[/color][color=red]o[/color][color=yellow]o[/color][color=blue]g[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=red]e[/color] Translator[/bold]" if the sentence translated makes a clear meaning. Write in a clear and understandable manner. Avoid excessive use of slang or abbreviations.[/li][li][bold]No Plagiarism:[/bold] Do not post copyrighted contents. Always make sure to use image hosting websites.[/li][/ol][/ul] [ul][li][color=darkblue][bold]Technical guidelines & Moderations:[/bold][/color][/li][/ul] [ul][ol][li][bold]Keep your Behaviours Legal:[/bold] Racism & the use of foul languages are strictly not allowed. Do not share or request illegal & adult content, software, or services.[/li][li][bold]Respect Privacy:[/bold] Always protect your own privacy and respect the privacy of other users.[/li][li][bold]Report Issues:[/bold] If you encounter problems or inappropriate content, report it to the forum moderators.[/li][li][bold]Multiple Accounts:[/bold] Use only one account per user. Multiple accounts may be subjected to removal.[/li][li][bold]Follow Moderators' Guidance:[/bold] Listen to the forum moderators and follow their instructions.[/li][/ol][/ul] [ul][bold]Note:[/bold] Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in warnings or, in severe cases, account suspension. Let's build a helpful and a friendly community together :exclamation:[/ul] [right]Best Regards,[next][bold]iStack Team[/bold][/right]
[bold][color=orange]Welcome to the forum and please do make sure to get involved[/color][/bold] :smiling: [justify][align=right][image]https://i.imgur.com/bb97aek.png[/image][/align][/justify]

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